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MatchMaker ProgramWe invite you to join our FREE Charlottesville Tennis MatchMaker program. The MatchMaker will assist you in locating other tennis players in the Charlottesville area which match your skill level, location and desired playing time.

How does it work?
The Charlottesville Tennis MatchMaker maintains a database of participating tennis players, their "home" club, skill level and game preference. When a match is requested, the database is searched for other players with similar preferences. Your request for a game is then automatically sent by email to matching players, giving them your contact information. Interested players may respond by email or telephone. You determine how you wish to be contacted. You must be 18 or older to use this service.

Is it safe to use?
Your profile is never exposed to other players, and remains private at all times. Data collected for this program will not be revealed to any third parties nor used for any other purpose.

There are over 500 Charlottesville "MatchMakers". Join today and be a part of this growing program. It is a great way to meet new players, or find doubles partners for upcoming tournaments.

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Below are just a few comments from players that have enjoyed the MatchMaker program.

"Local Tennis Players Meet Their Match Online"
CBS19 News, December 16, 2010

  • "This program has worked great for me. I have found people I play regularly with. In fact, it works so well that I have to turn down some people, keep up the good work!"
  • "I thought you would like to know that I have used your site often and have made many worthwhile tennis contacts in the community. Keep up the good work!"
  • "I typically visit Charlottesville every spring on business. Because of the MatchMaker Program I am able to schedule some tennis matches during my stay here. I have met some wonderful folks here in Charlottesville. Thanks for this program!"
  • "I have had generally a very positive experience with the MatchMaker Program. I have made a couple of good friends as well as meeting players of comparable skill. One of my tennis partners has very similar interests to mine although his political views are opposite, so we rest during the changeover and talk about classical music, politics, sports, and health issues. I have recently made contact with another retiree who is willing to play during the day when I am available. On the whole, it is an excellent program and I am very grateful that you have established it."
  • "It's fun to play tennis with new people. I have only used the MatchMaker a couple of times, and I really enjoyed my matches. I am definitely going to try it some more."